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4:00 PM – 6:00 – Family Fun Center at Knights of Columbus -Located at the center of all Walleye Madness at Midnight activities, the Family Fun Center at the Knights of Columbus is the ideal place to hold the family fun activities of the Walleye Drop!


4:00 PM - Can you imagine being aboard a Great Lakes freighter and watching it being ripped in half by gale force winds and then being tossed into the frigid waters of Lake Huron as the boat sank? Thirty-eight hours later you are the only survivor of a crew of twenty-nine. Nothing could prepare Dennis Hale for his tragic experience on the steamship Daniel J Morrell on November 29, 1966. Dennis and three others made it to a life raft only to face thirty-foot waves, sixty-five MPH winds and freezing temperatures. The sole survivor persevered two nights clad only in a lifejacket, peacoatnis underwear as his three shipmates perished before his eyes.There is no way he should have lived through this ordeal of physical pain and mental anguish.   


Shipwrecked: Reflections of the Sole Survivor
An Autobiography by Dennis Hale

6:00 PM – Kids Drop: We’d like to invite all the little minnows in the area whose bedtime is well before midnight to bring their parents for the early edition of the Walleye Drop. This event will take place in the Family Fun Center at Knights of Columbus at 6:00 PM.

4:00 PM – 6:00 PM – Kids Games The Port Clinton High School Key Club is offering a variety of fun, challenging and FREE games that will entertain and excite kids as they wait for Wylie’s appearance. This year FROZEN is here! Join Elsa and Anna for fun and games!

4:00 PM – 5:30 PM – Touch A Truck! Step out side for our famous touch a truck! Crawl around, honk the horn and see how those big trucks work. This year, North Madison will be pack with vehicles from the Port Clinton Police and Fire Departments, State Highway Patrol, Ottawa County Sheriff, Border Control, Crosser Funeral Home, North Centeral EMS,

State Patrol, Coast Guard,  Republic, and OCTA. Click here to check out the past Touch A Truck events!

6:00 PM – Midnight – Street Vendors On the street or in the Port Clinton Fisheries Building, this is your last chance to feast, shop and enjoy everything you will be forgoing with your New Year’s resolution! It’s also your chance to find that one-of-a-kind Wylie Walleye item or the famous Walleye Mardi Gras Beads and festive New Year’s item! Get a fresh perch and/or walleye sandwich prepared by the experts at the Port Clinton Fish Company, home to many area vendors, get a hot beverages, watch / participate in the preliminary rounds of the Rock-Paper-Scissors Challenge and enjoy live entertainment all in the ample space of Wylie’s home (the shipping bay of the Port Clinton Fish Company.)

6:00 PM – Midnight –  Music on the street provided by Professional DJ - Rock & Roll Express, dancing is not only welcome it’s encouraged!

8:30 PM – Rock-Paper-Scissors Contest: We’ve taken this backyard game to a whole new level. Open to all ages the Classic Rock-Paper-Scissors Challenge pits friend vs. friend, family member vs. family member, neighbor vs. neighbor. Preliminary rounds will be held starting at 9:00 PM in the Family Fun Center at the Knights of Columbus with the FINAL ROUND HELD ON THE MAIN STAGE AS MIDNIGHT APPROACHES. No actual ROCKS, PAPERS OR SCISSORS ARE USED IN THIS GAME.

10:00 PM – Well after Midnight - Main stage activity & entertainment




Additional surprise guests and events are expected during
this 19th celebration of this venerable local tradition!

Midnight "Wylie" Drops- Followed by a Fireworks Finale
Happy New Year Port Clinton! 2015!

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